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Recognition & Loyalty Awards

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Your team members are your most valuable asset. 
How do you work to keep them?

Who doesn't like to be told: Good Job; You're Important; We Need You; 
Thank You. 

In today's workforce the need for regular recognition and postive reinforcement is greater than ever.  Job movement is more common.  Information is more available.  Commutes and distance can be overcome through technology.  The circle of opportunity is greater for talented persons looking to expand their horizon.  Your investment in personel is as large or greater than your investment in any other aspect of your business.  You rely on these persons to help your business reach its potential.  Each time a team member leaves it costs your business.

We will help you to go beyond the trophy (extrinsic) and boost your business morale (intrinsic) through communication and presentation of customized programs to fit your team needs:

  • Years of Service Recogntion
  • Safety Awards and Milestone Achievements
  • Sales and Productivity Awards
  • Sponsorship and Charitable Partnerships
  • Community and Sport Events and Contests

Recognition is a cateogry of promotion that is often misunderstood.  There is more to an award than the trophy.  Your efforts to recognize the achievment of your team member reflect your value of their participation and dedication to your business.  We will help you to understand a better way to recognize the contributions of your team members.  Rewards are designed to motivate and influence positive behaviours. 

Yes, if you need a trophy, plaque or statuette we can do that too.