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Premiums, Incentives & Merchandise Programs

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What motivates your consumer audience?

Incentive offers are often used to motivate consumer selection and purchase behaviour.

Promotional Premium offers are often managed on-site at an event.   For example, a company offering a free printed t-shirt in exchange for your participation in a brief survey at a sporting event.  Another example would be a booth giveaway at a tradeshow event.

Incentive offers are often provided after a call to action.  For example, a home builder providing a gift with a new home purchase.  Another example would be a car dealership offering a free gift with completion of an oil change.

Merchandise Program offers are often points based, providing high value items in exchange for repeated behaviours or reaching milestone achievements.  For example, collecting points for using a credit card that you can in turn redeem for gift cards and lifestyle goods; Or a Years of Service incentive that rewards long term employee dedication.

We will work with you to understand your goals and needs and help to design a gift catalogue to best fit your consumer audience.