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E-Commerce Stores

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Web solution technology that offers more flexibility
than a yoga instructor...

We can help you get your promotional program catalogue online to reduce your reliance on paperwork, expand your reach to 3rd-screen mobility and manage your investment in webstore technology.  We offer different levels of service to meet your business (and budget needs).  Consider this breakdown...

Living at Home:

  • We set you up with your own catalogue of products hosted in our online store.
  • We provide you with a vanity URL (like that directs your audience to your store page.
  • You have the opportunity to publish your catalogue, build your audience and gauge your sales with limited investment and risk.

Your Starter Home:

  • You move out of our web store and into a fresh, new site of your own managed by our IT team.
  • We re-direct your vanity URL to your new home, so that your audience follows you in seamless transition.
  • Your new web store is yours decorate, populate and direct to promote whatever you like. Congratulations!
  • We're still around to help you with the maintenance and your investment is limited to a monthly subscription.

Your Dream Home:

  • Now you're outside the standard production box and into custom web development!
  • Need a function?  Yes we can.
  • Your new webstore site becomes your full-time home for your business.
  • Integrate dfiferent facets of your business life to discover new efficiencies.
  • Our IT team is at your service to solve your challenges and deliver great solutions!

Our website technology is designed for tomorrow.  All our sites are mobile friendly, using the ModuleBlocks platform to provide an adaptable screen layout that changes to meet unique dimensions.  Please contact your Promotional Elements business consultant for a demonstration of our web technology and a conversation about which level of involvement best meets your business needs.