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nifty solutions are improving access, engagement, delivery and management of common employee programs.


What's so nifty about nifty?

It’s Web-based.

Nifty features adaptive layout technology for easy access and review on most desktop, laptop, and mobile smart devices.  No installation or user licenses needed.  Just internet access.

It’s been developed by people who do the job.

Nifty is powering programs across North America and continues to adapt with new feedback from partners in human resources, as well as marketing, management and operations roles.

One platform can help organize multiple programs in your business.

Once you start with Nifty you’ll discover new opportunities to unify your company programs under one easy-to-use umbrella solution.

You will unify your mission, your branding and your process.

Across departments, branches or regions, Nifty will provide you a consistent communication and delivery tool that uses group structure to segment and unite your audience.


nifty human resource solutions are a collection of dynamic, flexible and mobile online programs designed for all industries and sizes.

We focus on four familiar company challenges:

  • Employee Uniforms and Team Wear
  • Employee Service Awards and Recognition
  • Private Company E-Stores and Offerings
  • Point-Based Incentive Programs


You are invited to experience nifty solutions, free of charge, and receive a courtesy gift for your time and consult. 

Click Here to email your request for a free nifty tryout kit.